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We hired MobileHibachi2home for my sister’s bachelorette party and they were fantastic! They arrived on time, the food was really good, and they kept us all entertained and happy. I would definitely suggest them to others! They were also very easy to coordinate with.

Costumer's Rating
We had an outstanding experience with MobileHibachi2home. Chef Egg Roll was top-notch in creating an exciting ambiance with his amazing culinary skills and attention to detail. Every dish was a work of art and tasted delicious. Our group, including foodies and picky eaters, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and enthusiasm of Egg Roll. Highly recommended. Thank you, Egg Roll, for making our event memorable!
Emma Odinson
We invited chef to cook for my friend's birthday and it was amazing! We drank a lot of sake and the food tasted really good. It was so enjoyable that I decided to invite Chef for my own birthday too. The experience was totally worth the cost.
Dian Annakin
The chef was really good! The food was delicious and he made the party exciting. All the guests had a great time. They can't stop talking about SAKE TIME. You should book this chef without hesitation. It was worth the money!
Kyle Smith
We had a really fun time! The hosts made the party enjoyable with their hilarious jokes and provided drinks while they cooked. The price was good and it was easy to book with good communication.
Jean D. Johnson
We had a school event for teachers and it went well. Chef Taco cooked great food and made it fun. Ordering was simple and the food was yummy and big. We're excited to do it again!
Aria Walker
I had an amazing time celebrating my son's 30th birthday with Chef Sake. He was lively, passionate, and really fun. He even lived up to his name by using a big sake gun, which was really exciting. The food was also really good. I suggest everybody tries this out and I will definitely arrange another party with him in the future.
Thomas Doe
I had an amazing experience with MobileHibachi2home for my 21st birthday. The food was really delicious, the chef was excellent, and the price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and will keep it in mind for my next outdoor event.
Joan Elizabeth
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